Monday, August 11, 2014

Radish/ Mooli

That I could grow fresh, white radish in containers on my terrace itself was new to me as I discovered organic gardening. The possibility of varied coloured flowers on the plants of the radish took me by further surprise. I had never seen flowers of the mooli and to know that they came in multiple colors was so amusing. How can something already so good be such source of pleasure too? 

I had seen many other gardeners posting pictures of white blooms on the radish plant so I was expecting the same. As the buds began to bloom and open I realized they were these pretty pink ones with venation that is stunning!!! 

Tiny bees that naturally seem to know the scale of the flowers are all the time now busy pollinating and sucking sweet nectar from these beauties. Not only is the root of the white radish a joy so are the flowers, the visiting bees and the seed pods. I had no idea that I had eaten these seed pods for years in crunchy "raitas" not knowing their actual source. 

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