Saturday, July 05, 2014

Upgrading the Terrace garden

The dreams for a lovelier, lush and junglier garden keep developing in the mind. I find myself dreaming, visualizing and planning for it all the time. I have found it thoroughly meditative to farm. My mornings are dedicated to the experience. 

Adding fifty plus containers to the garden was so exciting. I had visualised it but didn't know it would be so labourious. As soon as my lovely neighbor gifted me all so many pots, my next worry was to source soil, cocopeat and if I had enough compost of my own. 

Things fall into place when you desire them. Worked long hours on a Sunday and this Saturday. Rest attempted to do some lifting, mixing, carrying and potting all the plants that were awaiting the new container. 

Slowly re arranged the terrace and now visitors ask "where did those fifty plus pots go?" They are all there, only not in the way. My terrace seems to be like a bottomless well that can take endless quantity of plants. 

Well somehow I am pleasures by that. 
We sowed new seeds, filled up empty pots with cow dung, soil and cocopeat. Lined all the pots with dry leaf mulch. Added plenty new potting mix to all the old containers and plants. Even lifted up many plants from the basket containers and added soil mix to their base. It's been long waiting. Many saplings and small plants awaiting transplant were given new home. Some new seeds sown in the seed trays and lots of cleaning and setting up done for the terrace! Phew! Was work but every bit worth it. 
Now looking forward to the garden showing it's happiness. 
It rained for a short spell and I sure am glad. 

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