Sunday, March 02, 2014

Maa Garden

Maa Garden by lavannya
Maa Garden, a photo by lavannya on Flickr.

Maa was always very passionate about her garden. Her garden was highly admired by all. She enjoyed structure, a well crafted garden. I remember she trying a lot of Kitchen Gardening, we grew brinjals, potatoes, lady fingers, pomegranates and lime.
Her thrill on the flowering of a certain plant and her joy in visiting a nursery and bringing new plants home. She spent so much time in the Garden early in the morning and I knew it because the house would have muddy foot prints all over.
She would've forgotten to change her footwear after coming into the house from the Garden.

I liked the Garden I know. I infact loved how green it was. She has a great sense of humor too. Just green and flowers was not enough, she interspersed it with sculpture that she had specially crafted for her. Not to miss the pornographic one that she parked right in the entrance of the Garden and another one of a Drunken man hugging a lamp post with a note saying "its a bootiful evening".

As always we argued and argued a lot. I was not happy with how much she interfered with the plants. The minute the plant had grown she'd be prepared to re pot it, and make more plants out of the single one. To me all had to be wild. I always told her, that it should be a jungle. Where everything was growing on its own.

My mother played a role too in my taking up Gardening as a hobby. Maa by the way is what i call my Grandmother.
Mom was visiting me in Bangalore when I lived alone and was still finding my way into my life here. She one day came home with ten potted plants. I was astound and upset. It was a whole new responsibility and I wasn't sure if I was prepared for it. She in her very teacher like mannerism told me that I had to learn to take responsibility. Ever since in the ever daunting feeling of a burden, I began to care for these plants. There wasnt much that I did. I just watered them sometimes. Some of them lived and some other died. Mom was sure to check up on me after she went back home ever so often if they were surviving.

Some of those plants are still with me and of course many many more such companions now. I have so many to thank for my love for gardening, kitchen gardening and organic gardening. For the longest of time I have harbored a silent wish to own a farm one day. A farm that's more of a jungle and a patch where a lot of vegetables grow.
I have a strong feeling and conviction that I am on my way there very soon.

These blog posts are going to be an expression of gratitude to all the immense Joy this hobby of mine has given me.

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