Saturday, September 10, 2011

French Pipe Waterproofing System

Dr.Ravindra Subbanna's house was my first project at Mistrys the day I joined the office and its a project that's been with me ever since that June 2003. We have renovated and redone the house so many times over the years.

Dr.Ravindra Subbanna, Bangalore

We had proposed a large basement for Dr.Subbanna as the requirement was a lot and the site was an odd piece of land located though beautifully right next to a large park in RMV layout, Bangalore.

Sadly RMV layout is essentially a filled up lake and the water table is very high. This layout like many others in Bangalore have the reverse problem when it comes to Rain water. Dr.Subbanna's basement was always flooding located on the lowest point of the entire layout. For years he complained about it to me. Suffering plenty during rains. We decided to solve the problem once and for all.

The French pipe system is a popular technique of water proofing a basement abroad. Having had theortically learnt about it at Biome, we decided to incorporate the same after some research and study at this site.

Its a simple system where pipes of a good diameter are placed in a grid over a good base of soling. The pipes are perforated on the sides to allow water to fill into them, and the slope at which the pipe is placed allows for water to flow in a particular direction when water table rises towards a water tank or a recharge well and this water in turn can be pumped out once the water tank is full.

This system allows the water to naturally move and therefore disallows it from rising into the walls and into the flooring voids and distrupting the structure in turn.

Today after 2 years of incorporating the system Dr.Ravindra Subbanna expresses the relief he feels from the worry of his flooding basement. There has not been a single leak into it ever since.

Dr.Ravindra Subbanna

Dr.Ravindra Subbanna

Dr.Ravindra Subbanna

More images of the house are here


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