Sunday, October 10, 2010

Ceramic tile mosaic at Dose Camp

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A morning drive to the other side of the city to drop my girlfriend
off ended up becoming breakfast at Dose camp (Ganesh Darshan) in
Jayanagar 4th Block!

My first introduction to Bangalore was these south indian tiffin
outlets and me going completely crazy about how each type of dose
had a different accompaniment. Coming from a land where anything
south indian meant Dose or idli and there was simply one way to eat
the same, finding these food places was discovery!

But this blog post is not about the dose that's so good there or
the wonderful coffee....
its about the fantastic Tile Mosaic all over the shop interiors.
The workmanship and detailing is Art in itself.
Hard to find such workmanship now.
I wish I had taken a photograph of it, perhaps I was so caught up
in studying it and eating the masale dose that it slipped my mind.

Memories of my attempts at china mosaic at Khambhat came back. I
know how difficult tile mosaic can be. Harder still when detailed
like that!

Watermelon and radish

Next time I am taking photographs of Ganesh Darshan's interiors.

P.S: I've been meaning to start blogging since months now. Each
time I have an idea to write I let it slip by and not do it. This
day is another beginning.


Yamuna said...

Hi, I would like know how your new residential Projects are coming,Please please keep updating those pages with lotso pics. I would love to see how that M house is coming up. may be i will be next client :)


Yamuna said...
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ashok said...

interesting work...