Sunday, October 17, 2010

Cycles and Dasera


Through the entire trip to Nagavalli yesterday, 16th Oct '10, I was preoccupied with checking out the cycle decorations around the villages that we crossed on the road trip. For obvious reasons I am preoccupied with Cycles and the color Orange and then Dasera and the excitement that I saw amongst the young cycle owners to fancy up their bicycles was infectious!

There are these small and big mirrors, colorful spiky things you can put around the wheel, these plastic roses that get fixed to the centre of the cycle or wherever one pleases, these plastic covers for various parts of the cycle, seat covers and covers for the rod in front, glittery tassles and reflectors in the shape of a heart. Each reflector comes in two bright colors. So much variety to pick from all these. Starting from Rs.5/- a piece.

The kids and young boys all along the way were proudly displaying their newly bought wares on their nicely done up bicycles!!
Such pride and love they showcase for their vehicles. I was reminded of my obsession with my old BSA SLR red bicycle, how I loved it, cleaned it, and how much I hated it when it was given away without my permission. It was not just a cycle to me, he was a companion. Yes, I always thought of it as a he.

Stickers, colors, birthdays of the cycle, anniversary of my cycle with Umangi's, distributing sweets in the entire school.....all madness came back!
Sigh! no new fancy bicycle can replace him......

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Hi Lavannya,
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