Monday, June 08, 2009

Learnings from the past....

This visit to Gujarat has left me with a feeling I am unrelated to.
Met people from my past and saw the same things with a new perspective.
Have I grown?

Nazar Baug - Vadodara. A visit in the midst of the night with friends

Chandrakanth Zaveri wants to extend the new house he's built a year or so back. His present residence is 200 years old. He choose to extend the building and added an R.C.C. roof above. Now the structure below seems to be giving in, sinking.
The wooden beams and columns have moved and the walls have deeper cracks.

He wants to demolish this structure and replace it with a fancy modern structure.

The traditional architecture in Gujarat has always fascinated me. The more I visit there, the more I fall in love with that town.
This is the first time I have looked inside the "Tanka". (which is in principle a Tank). The underground sump is huge.


Must be easily more than 50,000 litres and has a mouth through which they draw water even today using a thick rope. A pipe from the flat roof brings the rain water in through a smaller hole which is the filter and down into the Tanka.
This filter is so basic its amazing and the detail of the tile with a loop fitting on top to make it invisible. The cap of the cover is made from Brass and still so beautiful.


Why would they want to demolish this house?

Such an urge to write
In the land I come from
Creativity surges in loneliness again
Revisiting past
In many a ways
An urge to write
Feel & sense once again
Fearing will lose it amongst
The urban hustle and bustle soon
Can I remain this way
Joyous, Silent and Sensitive
Here and still not?

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