Thursday, February 26, 2009

City Blooms

Yellow Tabebuia Blooms

Its an overwhelming yellow colour all over the city of Bangalore.
All local newspapers, magazines and blogs are writing about the same thing. The Yellow Tabebuia blooms!!!

Exotic these trees may be but when one sees smiles running across faces of all during seasons of these blooms, one ends up appreciating the efforts of landscapers and botanists who planned these flowering trees all over Bangalore with this intention.

Many thanks to Krumbiegal, and his disciples Dr.H.Marigowda and Javaraya for spreading happiness each season.


hari said...

HI Lavanya,

Long time since i came in here. How are u. Its indeed a treat to watch the flowers bloom and to me it seems more like a virtual treat as we hardly have any such landscapes in Chennai. So lucky you.

Sunita said...

Isnt it strange how Nature seems to colour co-ordinate? Feb.-March seems to be all yellows while April - May belongs to red. Red Gul mohurs, Flame of the Forest ...

sudha said...

Saw ur blog now, one year hence. I was a Bangalorean :)but hav'nt been there for over a decade. Nice to see a little of the old world charm still there.