Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Mission Sustainability

....Is a contest for those who on an Individual level have made an attempt to bring the Sustainbility aspect into their everyday lives.

So if you want to find out about the innovative 40 top entries and vote for the best amongst them, here goes.

I found these entries interesting

Green house in Germany

These are small steps each individual can adopt in their lives

You read about the Daily Dump composting in Bangalore... here's what this person tried at home

And ofcourse this is the most sustainable and unique idea
Growing paddy on your roof top with recycled water from washing machines!

So vote for the best and tell us if you tried something similar at your home! :)

1 comment:

iamyuva said...

saving earth.!?...Ofcourse its no excuse to do our bit to make this world better place but lets have no isolation- its NOT earth we are trying to save but its just yet another selfish human act...