Saturday, May 12, 2007


Been too long
Too strong
Inside my body
In my heart
Given you
Too much
Too fast
You need to be moved
Away from me
See you from beside me
Cut the strings
I’ve attached to you
That have strongly fastened me
To you
You’ve been too long
Too strong
Inside my body
Moments of strange kinds
Have passed now
From a point to another
Dear feelings and
Important moments
Just given away
You’ve been too long
And too strong
Inside my body
This event has to end
A new relationship needs to be cast
A newer mould to be created
Fresh times
And fresh lives
Have to take birth
Stale are these emotions
Stale passion
And the stale me
You’ve been too long
And too strongly
Inside my body


hari said...

Hi Lavanya,

Great poems. Strong emotions.

Arun said...

upto me personally, its a very bad read after a long time..i am sorry!
and the photo you have attached with this post is one of the worst 'one-eyed' photos of yours..
some other posts/photos of yours were good..but not this.. :-(

rahul said...

hi lavanya!

Congrats, on ur another splendid
creation! It not only touches new dimension, also displays ur ability to address such gr8 thing!
congrats on the developments also!

i have a complaint also, regular reader of ur blog like me came to know abt ur marriage only by hari's comment to last post (you having a passion for blogging even after getting married as). When did u got married?
isnt it strange that u cover many things through ur blog, & not posted this on the blog, not a single announcement, or snap.
plz correct me if i am wrong !!

omlette said...

stumbled on your blog. i liked the khamba gamla thing. and plan to call them. i live in mumbai, but maybe they can tell me how to go about it. or send it across. the thing is i feel strongly about recycling, and sustainable agriculture. so well, it was nice to stumble on to your site. kind of like there are more people who think about things like that. : )

REFLEX said...

Good one :).

Pravin said...


I think , therefore i may be said...

Hi lavanya

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