Sunday, April 15, 2007


My grandmother used to have this large pit in the garden where she
put in all the daily waste and made "compost" out of it. The only
downside to it was that sometimes the maids didnt know what to
not put into it..and all the plastic waste also got dumped along.

Obviously plastic doesnt decompose that quickly so the compost pit
became soon a nuisance. Also we had loads of rats and other animals breeding there and living there.

Well Daily Dump a company in Bangalore has started this concept of making Compost at home, and I am truly impressed with it. Its so so simple, you wonder how come noone else thought of it. And to add to that its so cheap plus its made out of mud. How better can things be?

Daily Dump designs these Kambha's and Gamla's for people who do not have much space to make a compost pit and dont like the mosquitoes and insects that come along with the whole thing.

All you have to do is put in your organic waste into this feature everday... mix it in every week or so. If its too dry sprinkle some water, if its too wet add in some dry leaves from your pots or garden or simply put pieces of newspaper into it.

You can put in everything, all bones, cooked food, peels, kitchen tisse, etc, but cant add in plastic, foil, coconut husk and shell ( as it doesnt decompose, you can burn it alternatively), cigarette buds and batteries. The lesser waste you dump into the garbage bins the lesser number of dogs and cows that breed on these open waste bins, and the lesser number of them getting crushed on the roads.


If you want to contact Daily Dump here's the number
Poonam Bir Kasturi at 2992, 12A Main, HAL IInd Stage, Bangalore - 560008,
phone: 9844239660.

update 27 08 07 :
check this video to get an idea of how it works


Manu Sharma said...
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Manu Sharma said...

The next level of composting is of course, Vermicompost, the process in which earthworms carry out the composting. Here are a few useful links from my bookmarks for those interested:

A good detailed introduction to set up vermicomposting in your garden. GardenWeb forum on Vermicomposting

You can buy home Vermicompost systems for delivery anywhere in India from "The Worm Man". He can even sell you worms by the sack if you have a large farm or help you set it up there.

Ravi said...

Hey there!
Thanks for swinging by and the comments!
Thanks also for the info. in this post. Will get in touch with the person!

akaroundpeg said...

its best NOT to put in cooked food or bones or cat/dog litter.

You need 4 things to make compost green/wet waste, brown/dry waste, air and water.

The trick is to get equal amounts of wet waste , ie peels, grass clippings etc and an equal amount of brown waste - dried leaves, coconut fibre etc.

If it smells then there is too much water and green waste. If nothing is happening, there is too little green waste and or water.

I have composted in my kitchen balcony and my plants love it!!

The 'gamlas' are very good looking - I composted in an old pot, with holes bored in the sides to improve ventilation!

Dhananjay Kulkarni said...

This is really interesting, and seems to have good utility. Worth giving a try! Have you?

perspective said...

dhananjay...this Kambha pic is from my house... :)

Dhananjay Kulkarni said...

fantastic! i've already written a mail to my bangalore friends promoting the 'kambha'.

Onkar Singh said...

Hi Lavanya,

Thanks for this info.

Onkar Singh

Manu Sharma said...

The video's got my fav soundtrack to it..."Weapon of Choice" by Fatboy Slim. See the original here. Love it.