Wednesday, March 14, 2007

New Project

New Project
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Every time I think I’m happy and satisfied I find a new reason to be discontent with life… Is it deliberate or something’s wrong with the way my brain and heart functions I do not know…
But once again I break the shell…

I am also under shock while the ones around me are also experiencing one.
When everyone else and I too had thought that this is it, my life is now perfect, I’m set with my established practice of architecture, I’m designing and people are getting to know who I am… a part of me inside was all uncomfortable. Can I be content? Am I truly content? Is this all? Am I going to be this Architect cum Interior Designer who makes this and that sort of designs for all her life? Do I know it all?
Happiness and Discontent don’t necessarily go hand in hand, is something I’m totally and completely sure of now.

I have begun to work for a firm called by the name of the two individuals who started off this practice in Bangalore “Chitra Vishwanath”. They practice Eco Friendly Architecture and have been experimenting with what they call as Mud Block Constructions. I have wanted to work with Chitra ever since I passed out of College. I decided to ask her once again. It’s truly not about money it’s about what all I’m going to get to learn. It’s about what all I’ve got to gain here. For long I’ve been feeling I’m missing out on a lot. All my co-mates are studying something or the other somewhere or the other… and I? I’ve been busy doing this… well its not so meaningless, but what can I do? I enjoy learning only by practice. I can’t just read books… I need to be there! So here am I… learning Ecologically Friendly and Sustainable Architecture!


sophie said...

hi Lavanya

long time...i was lost...
howz u?

rahul said...

Congrats on ur new venture !

well, Change is the only constant thing in this world!

Cheers !!

Ray Ben said...

Wow! on your blog after a long time ...hows the new project going?

Sunita said...

Well, good for you, if you're doing what you've always wanted to do.
The studies part are important if you want to be paid more at some point of time (so speaks the ex-Copywriter who plunged headfirst into Advertising without bothering to get any Mass Comm. degree ). I thought the money part wasnt important too and was revelling in the excitement of creating ads (which were pretty stupid, now that I look back on them) until I saw my contemporaries who had paused for further studies, zoom past me in the salary game. It leaves a bittersweet feeling of "hey, that's not fair!"
But eco-friendly, sustainable architecture... I would drop anything to be able to do projects like that !