Monday, August 11, 2014

Radish/ Mooli

That I could grow fresh, white radish in containers on my terrace itself was new to me as I discovered organic gardening. The possibility of varied coloured flowers on the plants of the radish took me by further surprise. I had never seen flowers of the mooli and to know that they came in multiple colors was so amusing. How can something already so good be such source of pleasure too? 

I had seen many other gardeners posting pictures of white blooms on the radish plant so I was expecting the same. As the buds began to bloom and open I realized they were these pretty pink ones with venation that is stunning!!! 

Tiny bees that naturally seem to know the scale of the flowers are all the time now busy pollinating and sucking sweet nectar from these beauties. Not only is the root of the white radish a joy so are the flowers, the visiting bees and the seed pods. I had no idea that I had eaten these seed pods for years in crunchy "raitas" not knowing their actual source. 


Friday, August 08, 2014

Flowers and more flowers

Who says you need only flowering plants can make your garden look pretty? 
Plants that fruit too bear some of the prettiest flowers I've ever seen.
My garden is in a crazy bloom now with bees, butterflies and bumble bees going about doing their pollination job. And the user me perpetually amused by the colors that the terrace takes on seasonally. 

Saturday, July 05, 2014

Upgrading the Terrace garden

The dreams for a lovelier, lush and junglier garden keep developing in the mind. I find myself dreaming, visualizing and planning for it all the time. I have found it thoroughly meditative to farm. My mornings are dedicated to the experience. 

Adding fifty plus containers to the garden was so exciting. I had visualised it but didn't know it would be so labourious. As soon as my lovely neighbor gifted me all so many pots, my next worry was to source soil, cocopeat and if I had enough compost of my own. 

Things fall into place when you desire them. Worked long hours on a Sunday and this Saturday. Rest attempted to do some lifting, mixing, carrying and potting all the plants that were awaiting the new container. 

Slowly re arranged the terrace and now visitors ask "where did those fifty plus pots go?" They are all there, only not in the way. My terrace seems to be like a bottomless well that can take endless quantity of plants. 

Well somehow I am pleasures by that. 
We sowed new seeds, filled up empty pots with cow dung, soil and cocopeat. Lined all the pots with dry leaf mulch. Added plenty new potting mix to all the old containers and plants. Even lifted up many plants from the basket containers and added soil mix to their base. It's been long waiting. Many saplings and small plants awaiting transplant were given new home. Some new seeds sown in the seed trays and lots of cleaning and setting up done for the terrace! Phew! Was work but every bit worth it. 
Now looking forward to the garden showing it's happiness. 
It rained for a short spell and I sure am glad. 

Sunday, June 22, 2014

The Joy of Micro Environment

It's such a joy to see plants finding a comfortable place on my terrace garden. To see these various saplings cropping up in various spots on the terrace is reassuring that the suitable micro environment for a natural ecosystem has begun on my man made terrace garden. Nature has taken over! 

Friday, June 13, 2014

Growing Moong Beans

With no reference of farming in our families for generations, I was bound to be this clueless!
I eat sprouted moong beans every morning. Out of curiosity I threw one sprout in a pot one such morning as a question arose in my mind.... "What does a moong bean plant look like?"
Well now I know!
I waited for some beans to dry out a little and someone suggested that roasted young beans taste yum! Well I am now going full fledged into growing this humble plant. It's so easy to grow. It pumps nutrients into the soil as well as inside me. It needs no pesticides or caring. It needs very little water and survives rough weather!!! It's the magic plant organic gardening was meant for!
Look forward to a day I have not to buy moong seeds. 

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Up cycling - fruit boxes

I am still trying to recollect what is it that convinced me to think of bamboo baskets and old fruit cases as containers for potting plants. 
Perhaps it was the realization that it was unnecessary to spend on large pots. And find a cheaper alternative to the otherwise really expensive square foot boxes. 

I just was enjoying collecting these 100 rupee baskets, lining them with something that wouldn't allow the water to seep through and fruit cases from my fruit vendor who seemed only too obliging to give them away. 

The plants seem to do quite happily in these containers. The latter lend a huge surface area, just enough depth and allow me to feel good about the cost and its environmental impact. 

Happiness is when you see the plants thriving in these. My older succulents were doing so well in one fruit box that I got a couple of more and am now looking forward to more of those flourishing in them. 

The sweet corn is really very happy to spread itself in the new fruit box I have given it. It shares it's space with a lot of rain lilies!!! 

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Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Papdi by lavannya
Papdi, a photo by lavannya on Flickr.
Growing Surti Papdi/Field beans

There was once this whole excitement that I cooked the food I was eating and now there's a greater delight in knowing that I grew what I just ate. Vegetable and fruit gardening not only has taught me a great sense of gratitude for what I eat now. Its an amazing sense of power and pleasure noth. The sweetest tasting and tender "papdis" I've ever eaten.

So the story of the "Papdi" goes so.

Upaj - the organic farm that's the baby of Avanee Jain is a fantastic pioneering idea on guiding and teaching all around Organic Farming/Gardening in the simplest of ways. She's an amazing person. On my one visit to Baroda I borrowed some "papdi" seeds from Avanee. They lay in my bag for days.

One fine day I decided to sow them, imaginging how it'll turn out. Of course because its a vegetable that I have never seen in the South Indian market I was not sure if it'll sustain the Bangalore Climate.

Each day of watching the seedlings and they growing was a delight. I was surprised by all the insect life it attracted when it began flowering. Different types of beetles were all over. Using only neem spray to avoid a lot of infection, I ended up getting 3 lovely harvests off these four creepers.

I was determined, dreaming and visualizing the lot of "Papdi"'s growing in my roof top garden. Its a creeper and has these beautiful little white flowers. I am ever so grateful for this lovely experience and the power that I felt that anything truly can be grown anywhere and that too organically if there is the will. Well nature does most of the work afterwards.

The Field bean has a lot of variety all over the World. There's the field bean and then there's the lima bean and the traditional Avarekkai is somewhere between the two. I had been missing this particular variety that's a small and softer variety and can be eaten with its cover called the "Papdi". In South India the Avarekkai season is celebrated as soon as Winter arrives. And people eat only the seeds - fresh and dried unlike the Papdis.

Tuesday, March 04, 2014


strawberries by lavannya
strawberries, a photo by lavannya on Flickr.
Strawberries can be home grown?
I had never heard of that. They were always known to be fruits
that were seasonal and rare. I have memories of gobbling up Straweberries and mulberries when
we visited Mahabaleshwar for a vacation with our grannies. We must've eaten the fruits in kilos and shamelessly didn't leave any for anyone else.
Everyone relates strawberries to love and rarity.
But strangely urban farmers were suddenly talking of growing strawberries on their terraces and I was told of greenhouses in Gujarat where you could go harvest these berries.

Of course I was dreaming of them day in and day out. None of the nurseries I had ever visited had strawberry plants. One day I found one strawberry plant and it had some flowers in bloom. I was full of hope now. The day that the strawberry began to have greenish yellow enlarged fruits which were soon turning pink and then red, i was thrilled beyond my imagination. I couldn't believe that I had just grown my very own strawberries!

Well suddenly I was finding more plants in nurseries and then came more strawberries.

Apparently the berry is the receptacle of the ovary and the little seeds on the outside are ovaries with the seeds on the inside. The plant is a runner and hence makes great sense to have them hang too. Apparently the fruits need some lining under to prevent them from touching the soil directly to prevent rotting and diseases.

Sunday, March 02, 2014

Maa Garden

Maa Garden by lavannya
Maa Garden, a photo by lavannya on Flickr.

Maa was always very passionate about her garden. Her garden was highly admired by all. She enjoyed structure, a well crafted garden. I remember she trying a lot of Kitchen Gardening, we grew brinjals, potatoes, lady fingers, pomegranates and lime.
Her thrill on the flowering of a certain plant and her joy in visiting a nursery and bringing new plants home. She spent so much time in the Garden early in the morning and I knew it because the house would have muddy foot prints all over.
She would've forgotten to change her footwear after coming into the house from the Garden.

I liked the Garden I know. I infact loved how green it was. She has a great sense of humor too. Just green and flowers was not enough, she interspersed it with sculpture that she had specially crafted for her. Not to miss the pornographic one that she parked right in the entrance of the Garden and another one of a Drunken man hugging a lamp post with a note saying "its a bootiful evening".

As always we argued and argued a lot. I was not happy with how much she interfered with the plants. The minute the plant had grown she'd be prepared to re pot it, and make more plants out of the single one. To me all had to be wild. I always told her, that it should be a jungle. Where everything was growing on its own.

My mother played a role too in my taking up Gardening as a hobby. Maa by the way is what i call my Grandmother.
Mom was visiting me in Bangalore when I lived alone and was still finding my way into my life here. She one day came home with ten potted plants. I was astound and upset. It was a whole new responsibility and I wasn't sure if I was prepared for it. She in her very teacher like mannerism told me that I had to learn to take responsibility. Ever since in the ever daunting feeling of a burden, I began to care for these plants. There wasnt much that I did. I just watered them sometimes. Some of them lived and some other died. Mom was sure to check up on me after she went back home ever so often if they were surviving.

Some of those plants are still with me and of course many many more such companions now. I have so many to thank for my love for gardening, kitchen gardening and organic gardening. For the longest of time I have harbored a silent wish to own a farm one day. A farm that's more of a jungle and a patch where a lot of vegetables grow.
I have a strong feeling and conviction that I am on my way there very soon.

These blog posts are going to be an expression of gratitude to all the immense Joy this hobby of mine has given me.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

A tear

IMG_4087 by lavannya
IMG_4087, a photo by lavannya on Flickr.

I wish a tear fell
And I were able to feel this feeling
Seeing straying lines of horizon
Going further away each minute
Hope strangled now
Within my useless body
How do I tell myself
There shall be such a day...

Thursday, July 25, 2013

IMG_3930 by lavannya
IMG_3930, a photo by lavannya on Flickr.

Parrots and wheels
contrasting this stark landscape
this silence
this wind
blowing through my mind
voices of a language
I haven’t heard before
sweet twitters of birds
and the smell of the champa
water flowing somewhere near
the interfacing of the sun rays
have I met beauty today
or just myself?

Deep Desire

IMG_4011 by lavannya
IMG_4011, a photo by lavannya on Flickr.

The desire of a kind
Where jealousy too is framed
Envy desired
From a loved one
A beat missed
A thought stirred
Of a desire so natural
So deep…

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Home Grown Eggplants/Baigan

IMAG8770 by lavannya
IMAG8770, a photo by lavannya on Flickr.
Eggplants/Baigan or Rigna as they're called in Gujarati bear little familiarity with taste buds in children. Once cooked they can have a goey texture that needs a lot of familiarizing with.

As children we studied away from our parents and each vacation when we saw them, Dad attempted to convince us of eating Rignas. He made all sorts of sounds and expressions eating them. He would tell us of how sweet tasting they were. And we girls cringed at the idea of eating them.

He decided to tell us a story. I was always a big big story fan. Stories still remain close to my heart. The story about Vashram Bhuva - a farmer and a big Rigna fan named Dala Talvaadi is well known Gujarati folk story. It just has to be recited in Gujarati for the rhymes to work. Dad's enthusiasm and his expressive way of reciting stories sure had me taken.

Meeting a Vashram Bhuva later in the day at Dad's hospital had me totally convinced that the yummiest Rignas existed in the world. Ever since, you cannot stop me from eating Eggplants. I am their biggest fan possibly. You can feed me Eggplants all 365 days in a year and I'd never complain. Seeing and eating Eggplants in various colours and forms in Bangalore have me even more delighted.

I had to grow my own Eggplants and here they are. Shining little purple gems in the little baskets on my terrace. Soon to be devoured.

I discovered gardening and Vegetable gardening after wards as a very therapeutic experience. Its taught me plenty patience too and my love for food grown by multifolds.

Some trivia The Eggplant plant belongs to the Tobacco family and eating a kilo of Eggplants would be as good as smoking a cigarette.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

French Pipe Waterproofing System

Dr.Ravindra Subbanna's house was my first project at Mistrys the day I joined the office and its a project that's been with me ever since that June 2003. We have renovated and redone the house so many times over the years.

Dr.Ravindra Subbanna, Bangalore

We had proposed a large basement for Dr.Subbanna as the requirement was a lot and the site was an odd piece of land located though beautifully right next to a large park in RMV layout, Bangalore.

Sadly RMV layout is essentially a filled up lake and the water table is very high. This layout like many others in Bangalore have the reverse problem when it comes to Rain water. Dr.Subbanna's basement was always flooding located on the lowest point of the entire layout. For years he complained about it to me. Suffering plenty during rains. We decided to solve the problem once and for all.

The French pipe system is a popular technique of water proofing a basement abroad. Having had theortically learnt about it at Biome, we decided to incorporate the same after some research and study at this site.

Its a simple system where pipes of a good diameter are placed in a grid over a good base of soling. The pipes are perforated on the sides to allow water to fill into them, and the slope at which the pipe is placed allows for water to flow in a particular direction when water table rises towards a water tank or a recharge well and this water in turn can be pumped out once the water tank is full.

This system allows the water to naturally move and therefore disallows it from rising into the walls and into the flooring voids and distrupting the structure in turn.

Today after 2 years of incorporating the system Dr.Ravindra Subbanna expresses the relief he feels from the worry of his flooding basement. There has not been a single leak into it ever since.

Dr.Ravindra Subbanna

Dr.Ravindra Subbanna

Dr.Ravindra Subbanna

More images of the house are here

Thursday, September 08, 2011


GAINING GROUND - BEFORE, a photo by lavannya on Flickr.

Like most spaces one rents out in Bangalore Gaining Ground Investment Consultant's newly rented out space was a single BHK house which was to be used as office premises in the simplest way possible. Thanks to the influences I've had while being raised there's this uncanny pleasure one derives from renovating a space and giving it a completely new face.
Ofcourse the concept of simplicity and contemporary have to be a part of what we do but to bring Ravi Kumar and Kshitija's working style into the personality of the new office space was also important.

In a small budget and in 2 weeks our team worked out a little of the electrical points, a simple false ceiling to add lighting, painted the place white with a highlight wall in blue from Gaining Ground's Logo and put a simple flooring that brought in warmth.




Sunday, October 17, 2010

Cycles and Dasera


Through the entire trip to Nagavalli yesterday, 16th Oct '10, I was preoccupied with checking out the cycle decorations around the villages that we crossed on the road trip. For obvious reasons I am preoccupied with Cycles and the color Orange and then Dasera and the excitement that I saw amongst the young cycle owners to fancy up their bicycles was infectious!

There are these small and big mirrors, colorful spiky things you can put around the wheel, these plastic roses that get fixed to the centre of the cycle or wherever one pleases, these plastic covers for various parts of the cycle, seat covers and covers for the rod in front, glittery tassles and reflectors in the shape of a heart. Each reflector comes in two bright colors. So much variety to pick from all these. Starting from Rs.5/- a piece.

The kids and young boys all along the way were proudly displaying their newly bought wares on their nicely done up bicycles!!
Such pride and love they showcase for their vehicles. I was reminded of my obsession with my old BSA SLR red bicycle, how I loved it, cleaned it, and how much I hated it when it was given away without my permission. It was not just a cycle to me, he was a companion. Yes, I always thought of it as a he.

Stickers, colors, birthdays of the cycle, anniversary of my cycle with Umangi's, distributing sweets in the entire school.....all madness came back!
Sigh! no new fancy bicycle can replace him......

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Ceramic tile mosaic at Dose Camp

Originally uploaded by lavannya

A morning drive to the other side of the city to drop my girlfriend
off ended up becoming breakfast at Dose camp (Ganesh Darshan) in
Jayanagar 4th Block!

My first introduction to Bangalore was these south indian tiffin
outlets and me going completely crazy about how each type of dose
had a different accompaniment. Coming from a land where anything
south indian meant Dose or idli and there was simply one way to eat
the same, finding these food places was discovery!

But this blog post is not about the dose that's so good there or
the wonderful coffee....
its about the fantastic Tile Mosaic all over the shop interiors.
The workmanship and detailing is Art in itself.
Hard to find such workmanship now.
I wish I had taken a photograph of it, perhaps I was so caught up
in studying it and eating the masale dose that it slipped my mind.

Memories of my attempts at china mosaic at Khambhat came back. I
know how difficult tile mosaic can be. Harder still when detailed
like that!

Watermelon and radish

Next time I am taking photographs of Ganesh Darshan's interiors.

P.S: I've been meaning to start blogging since months now. Each
time I have an idea to write I let it slip by and not do it. This
day is another beginning.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Bumble Bee


The mind is a bumble bee
Caressing thoughts so many
Of the future
The expected
The idealistic
The past and the spent
It has roamed and
Sucked off the essence
Of each experience
Felt or not
Sensed or not
The mind is a
Bumble bee today
At total unrest

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

16th September, 2009

Seven days and counting
The yearning and
The missing
Is having as good as
Not having?
Or is not having
Only better?

11th September, 2009

No road,
No destination
No said cause
No reason
No camera
No book to write poetry in
No future and no past
Just this moment
In the present
To be in….

And friends meet again…
Images painted in my head
Familiar but old songs coming back
Wish u were here!

Sunday, August 23, 2009


Skipping heartbeats
All love songs for me
Heaved breaths
And a loss of patience
Thoughts illicit
Of a desire so wrong
A pain incomparable
Expressions failing
Tears have found a way
To simply drop
At each thought
Have I lost or have I gained
I know not.

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Lime Flower

Incoherent words
Incoherent lines
Partial poetry
Within a partial life
Once again the need to fly
Once again the need to sense
How many times
Will I fall and rise
How many times
Will my emotions
Ah! These small miracles
Devil in disguise

Cut Tree

The neighbouring property has been vacant for long..... always wanted more trees and green there.... so we planted this Yellow Tabebuia and there was this Guava that was doing well after many years....

Our neighbour downstairs brought down the Guava tree yesterday and cleaned up the entire site of all the shrubs..... They want to play badminton there!

It hurts.... a lot.... Feels like someone died....

Monday, June 08, 2009

Learnings from the past....

This visit to Gujarat has left me with a feeling I am unrelated to.
Met people from my past and saw the same things with a new perspective.
Have I grown?

Nazar Baug - Vadodara. A visit in the midst of the night with friends

Chandrakanth Zaveri wants to extend the new house he's built a year or so back. His present residence is 200 years old. He choose to extend the building and added an R.C.C. roof above. Now the structure below seems to be giving in, sinking.
The wooden beams and columns have moved and the walls have deeper cracks.

He wants to demolish this structure and replace it with a fancy modern structure.

The traditional architecture in Gujarat has always fascinated me. The more I visit there, the more I fall in love with that town.
This is the first time I have looked inside the "Tanka". (which is in principle a Tank). The underground sump is huge.


Must be easily more than 50,000 litres and has a mouth through which they draw water even today using a thick rope. A pipe from the flat roof brings the rain water in through a smaller hole which is the filter and down into the Tanka.
This filter is so basic its amazing and the detail of the tile with a loop fitting on top to make it invisible. The cap of the cover is made from Brass and still so beautiful.


Why would they want to demolish this house?

Such an urge to write
In the land I come from
Creativity surges in loneliness again
Revisiting past
In many a ways
An urge to write
Feel & sense once again
Fearing will lose it amongst
The urban hustle and bustle soon
Can I remain this way
Joyous, Silent and Sensitive
Here and still not?

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Hebbal 3rd Mar'09

Originally uploaded by lavannya
Passing by the Hebbal lake I saw this huge fire yesterday.
Seemed like a forest fire.
Nothing about it in the newspapers.
Perhaps the Attack on the Lankan cricket team made enough news. Temperatures are really rising.
Birds were all in a frenzy.
Fire engines and police were scampering around with sirens going

Thursday, February 26, 2009

City Blooms

Yellow Tabebuia Blooms

Its an overwhelming yellow colour all over the city of Bangalore.
All local newspapers, magazines and blogs are writing about the same thing. The Yellow Tabebuia blooms!!!

Exotic these trees may be but when one sees smiles running across faces of all during seasons of these blooms, one ends up appreciating the efforts of landscapers and botanists who planned these flowering trees all over Bangalore with this intention.

Many thanks to Krumbiegal, and his disciples Dr.H.Marigowda and Javaraya for spreading happiness each season.

Saturday, December 13, 2008


Cosmos Orange

An endless tickle

In my stomach

Stirring emotions

Of love once again

Is it a man again

Or is it just Love

Love on its own

I've learnt to yield

Or just plain

Adrenalin rush

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Caterpillars and Butterflies

2 fellows on one plant
Originally uploaded by lavannya
These two are these little shit like fellows earlier.... amazing to see their transformation every day...

Its another thing that they've completely consumed my new born lime plant! (not extremely thrilled about that)

Thursday, March 06, 2008


A week has passed

In a hurry

In a rush

All’s going to get over

Coz … it began sometime

Need to feel it all

In slow motion

Randomly …

All these experiences

Touching me not

Failing to make me feel

A week has passed now

And I can recollect



Friday, October 12, 2007

Memories.... & Music....

When I hear a song there's a feeling of nostalgia that's created .... if its a new one its a new finding, a new idea and a new feeling...but when its a song I've heard before... It brings back many a memories that flash inside outside of me..take me back to the days that were... in the same context, the same sensation of breeze on my back, the same weather, the same temperature, the same feeling of love and the same creative urge that must've developed then...

I set the IPOD to a random listing of music and it played Sting!
How many a times I must've played his CDs ... went on and on for many a days... repeated over and over again... I always listened to music like that... it could be very frustrating to those around me, but to me its like the rhythm on which to operate...

Thousand Years... such a known song ( I didnt enjoy Desert Rose as much somehow)... perhaps if I hear it everyday now I might not enjoy it as much... but it playing right now after a long long time ...stirs the same emotions as that of on those days when I was discovering a life... within my "Film City" thesis... enjoying the internet and the "falling in love"... detached and torn from the world outside... and confined in my large room with Maa's garden below, the morning sun rising there, the cool breeze that went across the room through the east to the west towards the large terrace... Me in my pink shorts and anything else I found... hair tied up high..... and involved in sketching on my huge drawing table and the high chair!

Aren't memories wonderful?

Unfortunately I do not have a picture of the morning time ... but I do of the evening... on the same table... :)

I want to go back to the same house again! I belonged there! Alas!

Changed words
And changed attitude towards this music
This music that governed
My each emotion
And expression
Today it does nothing
But put rhythm into my days
Changed words
And changed attitude
Where now everything
That was rigid
Is straying away!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Mission Sustainability

....Is a contest for those who on an Individual level have made an attempt to bring the Sustainbility aspect into their everyday lives.

So if you want to find out about the innovative 40 top entries and vote for the best amongst them, here goes.

I found these entries interesting

Green house in Germany

These are small steps each individual can adopt in their lives

You read about the Daily Dump composting in Bangalore... here's what this person tried at home

And ofcourse this is the most sustainable and unique idea
Growing paddy on your roof top with recycled water from washing machines!

So vote for the best and tell us if you tried something similar at your home! :)

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Ecological Building


I have been learning to "Build" ecologically. And its high time that I
share some of what I've learnt so far.
The question: How does one go about building a house Ecologically?

To understand that its important to know:
What is it that one does to harm the Ecology/Environment?

High energy consuming materials are not suited to Ecology.
Production of Energy e.g. Electricity consumes a lot of resources. e.g.
Wood, Coal and such materials.
Also the process of burning these materials in large quantities
produces a lot of Carbon and carbon based gases that are now being
absorbed by the atmosphere and leading to the Green house effect.
Hence, one's continuous trial should be to reduce this burden on
environment as much as possible.

William Rees coined this concept of Ecological Footprint. Which is an analysis of how much demand a structure makes on
nature in terms of natural resources, energy, biomass, food, building
material, water etc.
It isnt always necessary to calculate the exact footprint, but
understanding of the basics makes it much easier to build so.
Building construction is one of the industries that has harmed
Ecology most. We've therefore begun to now experience all the harm
that Green house gases could create.

What are the aspects that lead to a larger Ecological footprint? :

1. Usage of materials that are manufactured at large levels, in ways
that consume a lot of energy/fossil fuels.

2. Usage of materials that are dependant on Petroleum products.
Petroleum industry being one of the largest energy consuming


3. Use of materials that have run a long distance to reach the place of
use. Local materials on the other hand make the footprint smaller.

4. the amount of Ecology in terms of trees and water destroyed in the
process of construction.

5. The amount of material wasted in the process of construction.
The conclusion being that Cement - though a natural material we
should discourage using in high quantities because of its

manufacturing process.
check the "Cement Making Processes" section here

Aluminum being the highest energy consuming material and Steel a
little distant from it. The attempt should be to reduce the usage of
these materials.

How can the building structure be suited to the Ecology?

1. By building the structure to suit its immediate environment

2. By designing the structure to use as many locally available
materials as possible.

3. By reducing the use of steel and cement and such high energy
consuming materials.

4. By making terrace gardens and green spaces in every space possible
around and in the structure.

5. By using as many alternative sources of energy possible and being
less dependant on the conventional form of energy.

6. By re using and recycling all the waste produced.

7. By harvesting rain water (which is the purest form of water
available to us) and recycling and using all waste water produced in
the structure.


It will take a whole new stream of thinking to be able to adapt such a
lifestyle, but sooner or later it'll be become an absolute necessity that
each and every individual think of their immediate environment.

Saturday, May 12, 2007


Been too long
Too strong
Inside my body
In my heart
Given you
Too much
Too fast
You need to be moved
Away from me
See you from beside me
Cut the strings
I’ve attached to you
That have strongly fastened me
To you
You’ve been too long
Too strong
Inside my body
Moments of strange kinds
Have passed now
From a point to another
Dear feelings and
Important moments
Just given away
You’ve been too long
And too strong
Inside my body
This event has to end
A new relationship needs to be cast
A newer mould to be created
Fresh times
And fresh lives
Have to take birth
Stale are these emotions
Stale passion
And the stale me
You’ve been too long
And too strongly
Inside my body